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The Wolfson Electron Microscopy Suite

PPMS account management features for Principal Investigators and group administrators:

PPMS has functionality to help track and report the facility usage and charges for your group members. 


If you or one of your group members requests access to the WEMS, you will be assigned the role of Group PI. The other roles can be assigned to you or be delegated to responsible staff in your group:

• Group PI: Can receive email notification of (monthly) charge sheets related for group members

• Group Admin: Can receive email notification of (monthly) charge sheets related to group members. This profile can be added to PI group’s, please request if needed.

• Group Manager(s):  Can receive email notification of charge sheets related to group members. Can view transactions in detail. This profile can be added to PI group’s, please request if needed.

• Account Manager:

Requires a request to manage a specific financial account (e.g. grant or cost centre) PPMS in the 'Profile’ tab

Can authorise and remove members from using the specific grant/cost centre against bookings

Can view in detail the transactions related to your group members

Prior to billing, can complete a transactions review and re-assign expenditure to different managed accounts (for transaction corrections, overspend and underspend management)


Transaction Review and billing:

We ask that users promptly report any issues relating to the bookings (cancellations, unusable equipment, etc.). Monthly bills will be issued based on the time booked, at the rate indicated here and on the equipment booking page.

A notification will be sent to prompt a review of charges against booked sessions. Within 5 working days from the billing notification, Facility Administrators will be able to amend the charges and Account Managers will be able to review all transactions, and reassign them to different grants or cost centres if necessary. Bills will then be processed by MSM Accounts in the usual way.

NOTE: We recommend that PIs request account management status, or delegate this function to a group administrator, in order to have direct control of expenditure. Please note that this (new) feature is NOT activated by default in order to reduce the burden on the PI.



Quick updates

New PPMS booking system going live on 1st July 2022. 

ThermoScientific Spectra 300 is ready!